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A Run To Remember” is an initiative of the Armenian Community Centre of Toronto with three main objectives: to celebrate and honour the memory of our dearly departed friends, to raise funds for a number of worthy charities, and to foster a healthier lifestyle, with an emphasis on physical activity.

It was an idea which started a few years ago with a number of dedicated individuals who wanted to remember and celebrate the memory of their family members and friends who unfortunately lost their battle with life.

These individuals not only wanted to honour the memory of their dearly departed in a very special way, but also wished to make a positive impact and give back to society. With the help of the Armenian Community Centre, “A Run To Remember” has raised funds for a number of worthy charities.

This year we hope to surpass last year’s success! We want to reach out to all of you on the sidelines and say join in! Not sure you can run? You can walk! Whether walking, or running, everyone is capable of participating. Last year our youngest runner was nine years old and our oldest was seventy-seven!

Check out training tips on our Facebook page for plenty of ideas and run/walk schedules. We will be also posting tips on nutrition for athletes and organizing group runs. For those of you contemplating dusting off those running shoes, know that there will be plenty of support. You can also communicate with us directly and we would be happy to provide advice.

Running or walking, participating in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and being a part of “A Run To Remember” is an incredible experience best described perhaps by Sam Manougian, a two-time cancer survivor and a member of “A Run To Remember” organizing committee:

I can’t explain the incredible feeling I get when I am running to honour the memory of my friends.  I feel a special closeness that they are by my side and running with me.  When my body is tired and telling me to slow down and stop, they are there to pick me up and give me the energy I need to finish the race.  As we cross the finish line I can hear them say “Thanks for being with me”.

Come and Join Us.