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ara_bablanianAra Bablanian was born in Toronto on January 27, 1970 and was the second child of Herant and Lucine Bablanian.  He grew up with his two sisters, Maral and Nora. He was incredibly devoted to his family – his parents, his sisters and his four nieces and as everyone who knew him will attest, he had a heart of gold. He was blessed with good looks and intelligence and was always quick with a smile.

     Ara was an excellent student and adored sports, especially baseball and hockey. Thanks to his incredible memory for NHL stats, he was almost always the winner in any hockey pool. Ara went to ARS summer school and participated in Homentmen scouts. After his years at Leaside High School, Ara earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Ryerson University in 1995. For several years he worked in financial services, and then decided to further enhance his education. He earned a diploma from the Institute for Computer Studies so that he could pursue challenges in the growing field of IT.

      When Ara was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in early 2001, it was a devastating shock to everyone who knew him as he was – a strong, athletic, and positive young man.  For months he was in and out of hospital for rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, never once complaining. In his own noble way, he quietly fought the toughest fight of his life. By 2002 he appeared to have conquered his illness and even began to work again part-time. However a few months later, it was clear he was going to have to fight again. He didn’t give up and continued to explore every possible treatment. He gave it his all, but sadly, he passed away on June 20, 2004 at the age of 34.

      Ara was more than a devoted son, caring brother, wonderful uncle and loyal friend. He was a gentle and sweet soul who always put the feelings of others ahead of his own.  

      In September 2004, the computer lab at the ARS High School was named in honour of Ara. The Bablanian family is thankful for the love and support of so many friends, especially Sam Manougian for his inspiration throughout the past few years and for helping to organize the Run to Remember in memory of Ara and all the other Homenetmen members we have lost far too early.