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ara_jelderianAra Jelderian

(1961- 2004)

Despite surgery, clinical trial drugs, and chemotherapy Ara Jelderian, at age 43, lost his valiant battle against GIST ( Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumour) on December 25, Christmas Day, 2004 .

Ara was born in Alexandria, Egypt on March 19, 2004.  At age two , along with his parents and two sisters, he immigrated to Canada.  He grew up in North York, where he attended Brookbanks Public School, Donview Heights, and later Victoria Park Secondary School.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Ara became a devoted member of HMEM and the Boy Scouts. Many a volleyball tournament was played, and many a camping trip was attended.

Even as a young child he used to say, “ I’m going to choose a career where you get to wear a white lab coat”.  As he could not stand the sight of blood, His career choice was easy.   He attended The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University Of Toronto, and graduated in 1984.  It was here he met the love of his life Florence, who he married in 1991, but lost to complications of Lupus in 2002.

After graduating from University, he was offered a position as pharmacist at Shoppers Drug Mart .   Ara quickly rose through the ranks, and in 1986 opened his first store at 99 Avenue Road, and a year later at 1623 Avenue Road, one of the ten most successful Shoppers Drug Marts in  Canada.  He was also the pharmacist owner at Fairview Mall.

Ara achieved many successes on his short journey in this world, but the one he was most proud of was his beautiful son Michael, who was born in 1995.   Greatly respected by his peers for his leadership,  his friends and colleagues described him as their “ fearless leader”.  He had a witty sense of humour, was always gentle and considerate of others, and incredibly generous. He loved to play golf, although he was never happy with his score, and loved watching the Maple Leafs.  He is greatly missed!

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