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Ashod Khanamirian_pictureAshod Khanamirian (1965 – 2009)

Ashod Khanamirian was born in Beirut Lebanon. He joined Homenetmen organization as Scouts at age of 6 and remained a loyal member until his passing away in 2009. In 1983 he joined the ARFYOL’s Beirut Chapter until 1997, when he moved to United States and lived in Fort Lauderdale Florida.
Ashod graduated Beirut University College with a degree in Biochemistry and a BA in Photography. Photography became his passion, where he felt free to create and express his vision and capture the beauty around him. He taught Photography at Lebanese American University from 1990 – 1997. His works have been published in Beirut’s local and regional magazines and ministry of tourism brochures.
Ashod enjoyed life to its fullest never forgetting his Armenian Heritage, roots and friends. Being Armenian was an addiction to him, having friends who shared his addiction was a blessing. During his last days, he was surrounded with his friends, he died of a massive heart attack during vacationing in Beirut.
May God rest your soul little brother.