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DikranNahabedian_thumbDikran Nahabedian (1921-2009)

Dikran Nahabedian was born in 1921 in Aleppo, Syria. He belongs to the generation of Armenians born in exile immediately after the Genocide of the Armenian people by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 and endured the entire physical and emotional hardship destined to his generation. Dikran was the 1st born to a father who was the sole survivor from his large family. His mother survived the genocide as a young girl with her mother and younger brother only. A jeweller by trade and with little formal education he developed a strong love for books and reading at a very early age. He read profusely and possessed an enviable memory. The personal library he expanded and meticulously organized and cared for was unique in the Middle East of his time. He devoted his entire life to voluntarily serving his community, often in a leadership capacity, even during times of turmoil and targeted government persecution. His faith, loyalty and devotion to his beloved ARF remained unwavering, through which he served his people and shared the aspirations of his Nation for justice, Genocide recognition and for a free and independent Armenia. A devoted husband and father he truly exemplified unselfish devotion and volunteer service to his Armenian Nation.Dikran_Nahabedian