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Garen_nameGaren Divarci (1991-2009)

Born on November 6, 1991 in Beirut, Lebanon. He was the first child of proud parents Hagop and Taline Divarci. The parents could never have asked for a more wonderful son. Everything he did made them and the grandparents proud. From his earliest days at home, sleeping soundly through the night, until his diagnosis, he made the parents luckiest people on earth. He had a happy childhood, with a big smile on his face. On his way to adulthood, he hungered for knowledge, and then he shared his new founding’s with his younger sister Alik and his cousins. At the tender age of 15 he was diagnosed with Sarcoma, a type of cancer which affects the tissues and the bones. For two years he was in and out of Greek Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon for rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. For a while it appeared that he conquered his illness. In the summer of 2008, and with his doctor’s blessing, he traveled with a group of scouts to his ancestral home, Armenia, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Garen was a loving son and a caring brother to his sister Alik. He fought for two years and never gave up his dreams. He eventually succumbed to his illness on February 20, 2009 at the age of 17. May he rest in peace. He will always be remembered by his entire family and friends.

November 6, 1991 – February 20, 2009

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