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Greg Bekarian

Greg Bekarian - MainGreg Bekarian is the loving son of Zohrab and Maral Bekarian. Growing up amongst his three sisters Lucy, Lenna and Taline, he was definitely a precious one-and-only son and brother. Outside his family life, he was involved in everything church, school and community related. After attending and graduating from the ARS Day School and the ARS High School, his dream was to own and further excel his father’s flooring business. He approached life with big dreams, high hopes and the confidence to conquer any obstacle.

Anybody who knew Greg Bekarian would agree that the one word to best describe him is “alive”. Whether you were an acquaintance to him or a best friend of years, his smile and demeanor reflected this in every way possible. By living each day to the fullest, having an appreciation for all the little and big things in life, and by having the kindest of hearts he showed those around him that each day is a gift.

Greg left us all suddenly on February 11, 2013 with his whole life ahead of him at the young age of 21…but his memory will remain alive forever as he was.

The bright light from the fire that burned in him will never die as he continues to be an example for people who are here today. His sparkling brown eyes that were a window to his warm soul could never be imagined as cold and dull.

It is impossible to have known an individual like him and say that he has passed away because he remains alive in the hearts of his family and of the people who knew him. He remains alive amongst the walls of our church, school and community… and most importantly he is alive amongst the angels above in a place where there is no pain, no illness and no sorrow.

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