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hagop_gHagop Ghazarian (1936-2002)

Hagop Ghazarian was born in Beirut, Lebanon and immigrated to Toronto with his wife and two daughters on July 5th, 1970.

His passion for Homenetmen started in his teens when he played soccer and was a loyal boy scout in Beirut.? Once settled in Toronto he, like most Armenians during that time, quickly found the Armenian Community Center on Dupont Street and began to dedicate much of his free time to the small Armenian Community of Toronto. When the community grew Hagop was one of the dedicated members that helped raise funds to build the Center on Hallcrown Place.

In the early 1980s he was elected to the executive branch of Homenetmen and served as their president for many years.? During his tenor the Homenetmen organization of Toronto strengthened and members united under their motto of ?Elevate yourself and others with you?.? He was a great motivator and provided sound logical perspective. Hagop dedicated his life to the Armenian Community. He was first and foremost a Homenetmenagan but alongside that, he was committed to the ARF and the prosperity of Armenians within Toronto and abroad. Those that spent time with him realized quickly that he had a soft heart and unselfish commitment to what he believed in.

On January 13th, 2002, his 66th birthday, Hagop died in his home of heart failure.? No one misses him more than his wife, two daughters and their families.HAGOP_1 Hagop_2 hagop_3 hagop_4 hagop_5