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Hovsep DavitjanHovsep Davitjan (1924 – 2007)

Hovsep Davitjan was born June 13, 1924 in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia.  He came to Canada in 1953 at the age of 30 ready to start a new life.  With only a few Armenian families, he began work at Babayan’s Rug Galleries at the corner of King and Yonge Streets. They were welcomed warmly by the Serferian-Adourian families and that was his first encounter with Armenian life in Toronto.  Mrs. Yerchanig  Seferian was a member of the A.R.S. and the male elders were all involved in trying to keep the Armenians together by hosting Sunday night dinners at their home. That is how Hovsep, his Father and Uncle became involved in all aspects of the Armenian Community.

As the group became larger they held meetings at the local YMCA, and then at 18 Dupont Street.  As the community transitioned from Dupont St., to Hallcrown Place, Hovsep continued his involvement.  He was a firm believer and supporter of the Armenian Church, School (parerar), Community and specifically Hai Tad.  He was one of very few males to be a member of the A. R. S. Roubina chapter. Though he is no longer with us he leaves behind a legacy which he can be very proud of and that is his grand children attend the very school he supported and both were in the classroom that bares his name.