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JeanNahabedian_thumbJean Nahabedian (1929-2009)

Jean Nahabedian was born in Aleppo, Syria on January 20th, 1929. As a child, he grew up in a home with his mother, father, older brother Dikran and older sister Noémi. In the year 1957, he married his wife of 52 years, Anayis Kevorkian. Together they had two wonderful and beautiful children. Their daughter, Rozet and their son, Kevork. In 1965 John and his family left Aleppo and moved to Toronto, Canada. Soon after his move, Jean became an extremely active member of the Armenian Community Center. Over the years, he was blessed with six beautiful grandchildren, Armen, Saro, Alex, Vache, Jennifer and Aline. All six of them where truly thrilled to be able to spend time with their grandfather. Jean was always a happy person, always with a joke in mind and caring for his family’s needs. On January 13th 2009 Jean was taken by his wife to North York General Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Family and friends visited him daily, all in hopes that he would return home soon. But sadly 80 years since his birth, on January 24th 2009, he passed away. Him, his life, his memories, his stories, and solely his presence alone will always be remembered and will always be missed.

 January 20, 1929 – January 24, 2009