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nerses_mNerses Mksyartinian was the son of proud parents Abraham and Osana.  He was a source of constant joy not only for his parents and his younger brother Jacob but also for his hundreds of friends who had the privilege to have Nerses as their friend and had the opportunity to enjoy Nerses’s company.

He was a Homenetmen scout and shared many laughs with all his friends whether they were away at scouting camp or on the playing field.

The mere mention of Nerses’s name puts a smile on everyone’s face because they automatically recall Nerses’s constant, huge and incredible smile.  He was always smiling and he made everyone around him smile.

Nerses was a role model and a source of inspiration to his younger brother Jacob who has obtained his excellent values and character from his older brother.

Although Nerses was taken away from us at a very young and tender age, his friends say “We will never forget Nerses because he has taught us all how to smile.   We are all very proud to celebrate his memory and run on his behalf for A Run To Remember”.