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Viken Ajamian

VikenAjamian_thumbViken Ajamian (1942-2009)

16 January 1942 – 18 August 2009

Viken Ajamian was born in Aleppo, Syria on January 16, 1942. At 8 months old, Viken lost his father who left behind 5 children Azad, Evelyn, Diran, Aida and Viken. He received his elementary education at the Armenian school in Aleppo and continued his education at “Karren Eppe” high school. In 1959 he took an oath to serve his community and joined the A.R.F. At 19 years of age, he lost his Mother and was raised by his older sister Azad and his brother-in-law Albert. In 1963, he immigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto with his sister Evelyn and brother-in-law Jirair. About a year after his arrival in Toronto in 1964, he become one of the founders of the A.Y.F. Simon Zavarian chapter. Soon after, he become one of the founding members of Homenetmen athletic organization, Hamazkayin cultural association and St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church. Through his involvement in the Armenian community, he met his future wife Arpi Manougian and they are married of June 3, 1972. Viken continued his education and obtained his Chartered Accountant degree. In 1973, he joined Orenstein & Partners LLP where he soon become a partner. While celebrating Christmas Day his daughter Nairi is born on December 25, 1977. Two years later, his son Vahan is born on August 18, 1979. Viken was a visionary and he spent the next few years charting and planning the growth and the needs of the Armenian community in Toronto. While Viken was president of the Armenian Community Centre in 1978, he took a very bold initiative to purchase the existing property on Hallcrown Place and build a much bigger community centre to better meet the needs of the growing community. In 1979 under Viken’s leadership, the A.R.S. Day School Kololian Elementary and Babayan Kindergarten was founded and opened its doors to hundreds of students looking for Armenian education and a solid base for their long educational journey ahead. In 1987, Viken played a critical role in the founding of the Canadian Armenian business Council in Toronto. In May 1989, Viken was sent on a task force to the Soviet Union to select 20 Armenian students and bring them to Canada to study their disciplines in Canadian universities. In May 27, 1990 Viken was one of the 12 godfathers at the blessing of the new St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic church at the Hallcrown Place location. In 1998 he established his own business VAN Corp. He would frequently travel to Cuba on business where he set up an office and a home. In a few years he built VAN Corp. into a solid and viable company. In April 9, 2006 Viken became a grandfather with the birth of his grandson Sevag Kerjikian. Three years later on April 15, 2009 he was fortunate to have a granddaughter with the birth of Kami Kerjikian. On August 18, 2009 in his home in Cuba, Viken suffered a massive heart attack. Although he is not with us physically, we feel Viken’s presence every day through his countless accomplishments and he is in our hearts forever.